Do You Know the 10 Things You Should Check While Booking a Hotel Room?!

10 Things You Should Check While Booking a Hotel RoomImagine you find a reliable hotel booking service and want to book a hotel room! Suppose you have selected your destination, date range and number of travelers in the interface, you hit the search button and it’ll come up with a ton of hotel results!

Some highly-functional and reliable hotel booking services such as, shows you the number of available hotels in that date range with the total price. They also allow you to sort the results based on the price, best sellers and more.

However, it doesn’t end there yet. You need to check a few things while booking a hotel room. That way, you would get a more comfortable accommodation when you are arrived at the spot and would not get surprised at all!

10 Things You Should Check While Booking a Hotel Room

While there are a lot of things you should think about before choosing a hotel room and pretty much all of them depend on your budget, trip period and trip type, it’s good to at least check for some essential parameters while ordering. Luckily, many booking services enable you to narrow down the results more by these elements:

1. Average Nightly Rate:

You should be able to know what the Average Rate is per night for each and every hotel room. That way, you could individually calculate the costs and find the best one that matches your budget. Make sure you have chosen your favorite currency!

2. Star Rating:

Perhaps, one of the most important elements of each accommodation is its Star Rating. Some people just want to enjoy as highest rating as possible whereas others don’t really care about it! Bear in mind that you should be able to narrow down and sort the hotel results according to their star rating. Normally, the Star Rating is in the 1-5 range.

3. Guest Rating:

No matter if you find a hotel with a high star rating, as long as there are unhappy customers around, there should be something wrong. That’s why Guest Rating is incredibly important and you should be able to check it out in each hotel booking service. Usually, the range of Guest Rating is 0-5 in many booking services. Just remember to check the number of Guest Reviews as well!

4. Neighborhood:

Believe it or not, location plays a major role in the quality of your tip and that applies to your accommodation as well. Always, check for the hotel Neighborhood whether it is close to important places such as the airport, train station, city center, main market, downtown, etc.! You should know where it is located, north or south, east or west for better transport options.

5. Landmarks:

This parameter is also like the Neighborhood. You might check if the accommodation is near to any important landmark such as historical buildings, famous attractions, beach, etc. depending on your destination.

6. Accommodation Type:

Basically, there are 4 main types of accommodation: Bed and Breakfast, Hotel, Resort and Vacation Home or Condo. Again, depending on your destination, budget and number of travelers you may choose any of the mentioned Accommodation Types.

7. Amenities:

This element is also important but could be considered as an extra feature. Amenities are different in various hotels and depending on your needs, you may choose a hotel that possesses your desired amenity. The most important amenities are Restaurants, Internet Access (check if it is cable or Wi-Fi and free or paid), Parking, Pool, Gym, Pet Friendly and Meeting Facilities.

8. Themes or Types:

This feature is actually another extra option for those who want to really enjoy their vacation. You should be able to check for the Theme and Type of your accommodation. It could be for instance a business, boutique, luxury, family-friendly, historic, romantic or spa hotel.

9. Accessibility Features:

These parameters are especially for those who have more needs and requirements such as disable people. Accessibility equipment for the deaf, Handicapped Parking and In-room Accessibility are just a few examples.

10. Breakfast:

Perhaps, this feature is one of the most important options while booking your hotel room. You have to always check if the breakfast is included or not. Usually, you cannot narrow down the hotel results by this feature, but it’s always mentioned on the booking page where you are about to book and order. So, when you are there to order, make sure to check out all the information, reviews, images and even the map!

These are just the top 10 things you should check while booking a hotel room. But, there is definitely more. Go ahead and leave your valuable thoughts below!

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