Do You Know the Best Gadgets Every Student Should Have?!

Best Gadgets Every Student Should HaveOne of the best back to school essentials are consumer electronics. Computers and laptops, cell phones and smartphones, tablet PCs and eReaders, printers and scanners are the most popular and helpful ones and we assume every student should have almost all of them at home. But, there is more!

As a matter of fact, there are some other gadgets you may overlook. However, they could be as useful for any student as the above-mentioned items. In the list below, we are going to cover only the most important and best ones.

Here are the Best 5 Gadgets Every Student Should Have:

1. Calculator:

Almost all junior high and high school students need this fairly important device to handle with any mathematics problem or economic question. Whether it is a simple traditional calculator, a scientific or graphing calculator or high-tech calculator app, make sure it has all the needed features!

2. External Hard Drive:

Sooner or later, your computer hard drive will be full and you will need more extra space. Even if that’s not the reason, you need always to backup your data files on a secure place. And it must be dead simple for you to carry all the needed files around without any hassle. That’s why an external hard drive is a must-have gadget for any smart student. Just make sure to get a high capacity external hard disk! Trust me, it’ll be full quick as a blink!

3. USB Flash Drive:

Although, you may have all your stuff and docs on your laptop or computer, you need sometimes to transfer some files to another place. It’s difficult to carry your laptop everywhere, every time. Besides, it is not always possible two connect to computers to each other. With that being said, having an USB Flash Drive sounds very practical. You have to own at least one high capacity small flash drive. And don’t worry, they are not that expensive!

4. Cable Lock:

This item is one of the most useful gadgets you may have overlooked so far. Imagine you are in a public place like a library and want to leave your laptop for a short time! You don’t want to shut it down and pack it up each and every time! Plus, you may not have a trusted friend around at that time to keep an eye on your stuff. What to do?! That’s when a cable key lock comes to play. You just plug it to your laptop’s VGA or serial port and fasten the other end to a secure object such as a desk or a pole. That way, you would have secured your laptop and not lost your public spot at the same time.

5. Noise-Cancelling On-Ear Headphones:

This could be a more specific gadget but it is incredibly practical especially for music lovers. Imagine you are situated in a noisy public place and you just want to listen to your favorite music as well as ignore the noisy environment especially if you are studying at the same time, too. This gadget can reduce the environmental noise up to 80% by creating a sound barrier via microphone. That way, you would be able to relax and enjoy even in very crowded places. Just make sure that the headphone is compatible with your laptop or computer, music player and smartphone!

The list could actually go on and on forever because there are always new items coming to the market and getting handy and practical. However, the above-mentioned items are just the hottest ones that any smart student should have and enjoy using. Just remember to buy the products from a reliable store with hot deals, coupons and discounts! Check out these Back To School Deals & Offers For 2012 now and see if you can find your favorite gadget there while paying as low as possible!

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