Do You Know How To Save Money As a College Student?!

How To Save Money As a College StudentBelieve it or not, college is expensive. More than 60% of students take student loan in order to afford their expenses. With that being said, nothing can make a student life much easier than saving money here and there. But how?

Here is a list of 7 tips helping you save money as a college student. You are probably familiar with most of them, but having these tips in mind can make a big difference for you. Try to implement as many of the following tips as possible and you’ll be able to survive the tough college life in some ways!

7 Tips On How To Save Money As a College Student:

1. School Supplies:

Without a doubt, you can save huge money on school supplies. Just look for stuff in your closet or garderobe and you can find tons of useful supplies ready for you. Ask your family members and close friends for necessary school items and you will be surprised! Attending welcome back events can be beneficial, too. Last but least, make sure to always stay tuned for big deals and rebates from a local store or online! You can save a lot of money only on coupons and deals for school supplies and items. Check out these Back To School Deals & Offers For 2012!

2. Accommodation:

If you live with your parents, that’s fine. You are already saving money. If not, sharing your accommodation with a close and trustworthy person is always a good idea to save some bucks on housing. Remember to choose a reliable friend, otherwise you would have big trouble as well as lose your entire privacy!

3. Food:

Buying food at wholesale prices and trying to cook at home is a big money saver. There is always a sale in a local grocery store, so you will definitely survive while saving cash. Attending in some lectures, meetings and seminars with free food is also a smart idea. You can print coupons or use online coupons and promo codes for various restaurants and groceries.

4. Transport:

Public transport is by far the easiest, cheapest and most convenient way of transport. Walking, riding a bicycle or bike is other great options. However, if you have a car, try to cut your expenses as much as possible by driving less, saving money on gas or parking in free places.

5. Textbooks:

It could turn to one of the most expensive items during college life. There are 2 ways to save money with textbooks. The first one is to make money by selling or renting out your own used textbooks and the second one is to pay less by buying or renting used textbooks or borrowing from others. That way, textbook expenses would no longer be any issue for you. Make sure to check out these Best Online Textbook Rental Services, as well!

6. Tuition:

Affording to pay a tuition fee is very painful especially if it’s an expensive private college. However, there is some hopes. First, you can still apply for free scholarships and stipendium from relevant organizations to cover some costs. If it’s not possible in your location, you have another alternative. AP Coursework, “AP” classes, or “advanced placement” is a way for high school students to get college-level courses. That way, you would get free college credits. Getting a summer job when you are off to afford some part of the tuition is also helpful. It may sound stupidly clear, but you would be able to save good money on tuition by working extra time.

7. Credit Card:

Honestly, one of the most serious issues many college students have is credit problems. The very first thing to save at least some bucks is to stick with cash or debit cards and stat away from credit cards. Once you get an income and build your credit score, you’ll good to go for credit payments. If you want to get a credit report or repair, we suggest you to check out these Top Credit Monitoring Services!

The above-mentioned tips are just the most important ways on How To Save Money as a College Student. However, there is definitely more points. If you know some other unique methods and tips, feel free and let us know, as well. It’s appreciated!

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