Do You Know How To Sell Your Textbooks Online?!

How To Sell Your Textbooks OnlineHaving a ton of used textbooks on the shelves is a headache especially when you remember how much you have paid for each and every of them. Selling your used textbooks have a few benefits including earning some money, getting rid of stuff which occupy your room and helping other desperate students.

While selling books is a great idea, it is not that simple, though. If you don’t know the entire process, you would be end up losing something, either your book or money.

You can sell your own textbooks either online or offline. In the offline world, you would just go to a certain place such as a book market, shop or library, list and put your books there and get the money either right away or later. This method works great, but it’s limited. However, in the online world, you can have fairly better opportunities.

How To Sell Your Textbooks Online

This is a very brief guide that explains you how to sell your textbooks online. Although you may generally think it’s so obvious, there is always something to learn.

Search For a Reliable Site:

The very first step is where to sell your textbooks online. Believe it or not, if you miss this one and just trust any web page out there that claims to sell your books online, you will lose everything. On the other hand searching is not enough. The website should be secure, reliable and safe and have a positive feedback. and are the giants in the industry enabling you to list and sell your books on the Internet. However, these popular and reliable Online Textbook Rental Services are also the best places that allow you to sell your textbooks online.

Add Your Listing:

On each of these reliable websites, there should be a category, link or button saying “Sell”. Click on that and you’ll be walked through the process by entering the title, ISBN, description, shipping method, price, etc! Writing enough description facilitates the selling process because at the other end, there are students who are willing to buy a book with more description.

Set a Reasonable Price:

Many of these websites usually gives the seller a quote explaining how much the book is worth. However, it is you who decides the final price and sets it in the listing. The more reasonable and fair it is, the easier and faster book sells!

Confirm the Shipping:

Normally, there are 2 ways to sell on these websites. One way is that the website itself buys the book from you and then sells it to other students later. The other way is when you list your book in the marketplace and wait until a prospect finds your textbook and purchases from you. In either ways, you have to ship the textbook. First, make sure if free or low-cost shipping is included in the service and offered by the website or not! Then, try to choose a reliable shipping method and confirm it!

Finish and Ship:

Once the listing is ready and you are about to send the item or you have got the final order and need to ship it right after, print the invoice, package the textbook firmly and properly and include a copy of the invoice in the package! You can also leave a note asking the buyer to give a positive review or feedback on the marketplace.

Get Paid:

Depending on the method, you can always get paid after the purchase is done. Usually, you can get cash directly deposited into your bank account, PayPal, check, in-store credit and rewards such as tickets or other items. Make sure to agree the payment method or you will not be satisfied at all!

The above steps are just basic procedures you have to follow in order to sell your textbooks online and are very similar to selling almost any stuff on the Internet. Next time, you may consider selling your textbooks online before you even think about throwing them away! Remember that even a few bucks here and there really matter!

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