Do You Know the Top 10 Things You Must Consider Before School Starts?!

Top 10 Things You Must Consider Before School StartsThe summer holiday is over now and it’s back-to-school time. Whether it’s you, your siblings or your kids, starting the new year is always exciting. However, things could turn overwhelming if you are not prepared. Having a checklist in mind or on a piece of paper will help you manage this time of the year in a more smoother and convenient way.

1. Clothing:

Without a doubt, clothing comes to the top of the list when it’s back-to-school time. But before thinking about buying new clothes, try to check if there is any recently-bought ones that have not bean worn last year! They could be as new and fresh as the ones in the stores. However, in case you find some clothes and nobody is going to use them, try to sell them as second hand or at least donate them to a charity! If you have decided for shopping, try to be prepared for hot sales in popular stores and use their coupons and hot deals!

2. Medical Procedures:

Starting a new school year is usually accompanied by medical checkups and examinations. The very first thing you must do in this manner is to make sure about any kind of required vaccination. If there is any special medical condition or medication, it should be clearly monitored by the physician or pediatrician, too. Being allergic is also an important case to consider by contacting the school and providing an allergy action plan. Last but not least, getting the medial insurance prepared is a wise decision as preparing other stuff.

3. Planning For Food:

Being at school makes everybody hungry. Luckily, many schools offer food as an included feature of their services. If it’s not the case, then planning for food is always a smart idea whether it is lunchboxes or school buffet. You can either decide what to cook and prepare it as a weekly schedule or determine a special budget for food to buy at school. Bear in mind, the food should be healthy and nutritional! And don’t forget fruits and vegetables!

4. Buying School Supplies:

Dependent upon your school, you always need to buy new items for each new school year. Whether it’s pens, pencils, books, notebooks, crayons, scissors, rubber, ruler, glue or other stuff such as backpacks, organizers, binders, try to buy them in sales and auctions! Again, if you cannot provide it from previous year, use coupons and rebates if necessary!

5. Transport:

While it is totally dependent upon your home and school location, providing transport is a decision to make before school starts. Public transport is the best option. Try to buy its tickets for longer time to get it cheaper! There is always an offer for students. If you have your own vehicle, then you probably need to think about other things such as what the easiest and fastest way is and where to park your vehicle, etc.

6. Time Management:

It is a new school year and new routine. Getting up as well as going to bed early is as important as doing your homework and requirements. If you don’t have any alarm clock, you should get a new one. Having a calendar is an absolutely great idea as well. Try to plan for yourself about managing the time especially when you come back home! Time management is what makes a student more successful than the others.

7. Organizing Your Place:

Not only it helps you study and enjoy in a more pleasant and tidy environment, but also facilitates everything especially when you are in a hurry early in the mornings or want to study during examination nights. You may start cleaning and organizing your room before school begins. Don’t forget garderobes, closets and shelves! You could find something useful and practical.

8. Considering Sport and Entertainment Activities:

Who says you must study 24 hours a day? You need to train your body as well as your soul while educating yourself. Consider putting enough time for sport activities since wellness is as important as education! Whether it is jogging, swimming, going to gym or any other type of exercise and motion, don’t forget to do it regularly! On the other hand, being entertained during a school year helps you to not be bored and tired. Try to schedule for special events, going for a movie, concert or any other kind of healthy entertainment!

9. Planning Your Social Life:

Determining what you can do to improve your social life during studies is also a must-do thing to mention in your checklist. Visiting family members and close friends as well as attending a local community helps you become more updated about what is going on around you and your environment. Remember, you will need help from people around you during your tough time. So, try to include enough time for social engagement!

10. Considering Study Help and Support:

Last but not least, considering study help and support is very important when preparing your checklist before school start. It is highly recommended for every student to know what to do when help is needed. Whether you can get it from a person, a resource or service, it’s always crucial to mention it on piece of paper. Your support source could be a teacher, family member, close friend, an expert in your local community or online. Whatever it is, write it down! You’ll need it later during hard time.

The above-mentioned points are just the most important ones to consider when you prepare your checklist before school begins. However, I’m sure there are other important stuff to think about, too. Why not leave your valuable thoughts and ideas below and let other people know about it?!

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